Holland Easter 2013 - Foreign Trip

Trip Report

The under 10's and 11's left Kingdom's Garage on Thursday 28th March 2013 at 4am and crossed to France by the 11.20am euro tunnel train. After arriving in France the 36 people travelled through Belgium into Holland to Rotterdam. The Hotel Martime was reached reached and found to be an extremly nice hotel. A quite evening was enjoyed by all and the Hotel staff found to be very helpful and friendly. Before leaving on the Friday morning for a 7 night stop at the Center Parcs De Emmhof a tour of Feyenoord famous stadium took place although Ron Koeman's training plans did disrupt the tour and lengthy it's length. On the Saturday Twyford took part in a tournament at Hoofddorp Football Club from the south of Amsterdam. Twyford had 3 games against players who turned out to be upto 18 months older. The boys had to play 9v9 on a very large pitch which was a new thing and caused them big problems but they have all added this to their learning curve. Results are in matches section but Will Bateman scored both our goals.. Sunday we visited Amsterdam enjoying a trip on the canals and visiting the Easter Funfair and the shops. After this we went to the Amsterdam Arena and watched  Ajax defeat Nijmegen by 4 goals to 1.Victor Fischer looks like he will be a big star. After match we returned to Emmhof. On Easter Monday we travelled again to the South of Amsterdam to play a 9v9 tournament at Overbos Football Club. On even bigger pitches and against the best teams of the area who were also upto 18 months older  Twyford battled hard but struggled to cope. The late nights in the arcade also telling although this is a Holiday with football trip. Results are again in the match section. These include a match against a pro side team. Tuesday was an excellent tour of Twente Enschede stadium and getting autographs while watching the first team train. On Wednesday we visited De Efteling Theme Park which because the Dutch were back to school meant virtually no queses for the fabulous rides. After this we travelled back to Spackenburg for a match with Ijsselmeervogels for a 9v9 at their main ground which holds over 10,000 people. Again the result is in the match section. Thursday was a day at the Center Parcs enjoying the delights of this excellent place. Friday allowed time for a visit to the Aqua Mundo indoor swimming complex before leaving to catch the 6.20pm shuttle. Returning to Tiverton at 10.45pm.The Centre Parcs Marina Apartments had to be seen to be believed. I would like to say how proud the club is of our players behaviour both on but especially off the field. See you next year for another trip i hope. Please send photos in to be added to this item by email.


3rd April 2013

18:00 VV Ijsselmeervogels Holland 7-0 Twyford Spartans

1st April 2013

18:00 AFC Holland 2-0 Twyford Spartans
18:00 FC Volendam Holland 3-0 Twyford Spartans
18:00 SV Vrone Holland 2-0 Twyford Spartans
18:00 SV Ouderkerk Holland 3-0 Twyford Spartans
18:00 SV Overbos Holland 2-0 Twyford Spartans

30th March 2013

14:00 Ijburg Holland 2-0 Twyford Spartans
14:00 ADO 20 Holland 3-0 Twyford Spartans
14:00 Hoofddorp Holland 1-2 Twyford Spartans