Austria and Croatia - Foreign Trip

Trip Report

Twyford Spartans Under 16s, 15s, 14s, and 13s embarked on a 17 day tour of Europe. They visited the German city of Munich, and the Austrian city of Salzburg on the way to playing in the Alpen Cup in Wolfsberg Austria. Whilst playing in the tournament the club made a big friendship with the Pride Football Club which has resulted in twyford receiving an invitation to go to Colorado, USA next year. 

The opening ceremony was attended by the nineteen nationalities taking part plus a large crowd of Austrians and after the singing of each national anthem a massive firework display took place. 


Twyford Under 15/16s side was drawn in a group of eight which gave the following results:


Altengbach Vienna (Austria)          2          Twyford          0

Susice (Czech Republic)                  1         Twyford           0

Vamosgyorki SE (Hungary)            0          Twyford          1          (O’Boyle)

Firenze Fiorentina (Italy)               3          Twyford          0

Stabaek (Norway)                          2          Twyford           0

KS Oratorium (Poland)                   0          Twyford          1          (Alford)

Pride Falcons (USA)                        1          Twyford          1          (Rogers)


Twyford’s Under 15 / 16's party was Brendan O’Boyle, Daniel Saunders, Rory Williams, Chad Gribble, Mark Greenaway, Richard Shepherd, Jonny Dawe, Robin Craig, George Rogers, Sam Alford, Alex Greening, Ryan German, Oliver Bailey and Liam Spence.


Twyford Under 13’14s side was drawn in a group of seven which gave the following results:


Unterkarnter Vienna (Austria)       2          Twyford          1          (Norman)

SV Bach Salsburg (Austria)             1          Twyford          0

Sjobo IF (Sweden)                           2          Twyford          0

SVW Graz (Austria)                          0          Twyford          2          (Norman, Cross)

SV Neu Wolfsberg (Austria)            0          Twyford          1          (Humphreys)

MKS Pogon (Poland)                        0          Twyford          0


Twyford’s Under 13s/14s party was Gary Cross, Ryan Atkins, Blake Lugg, Nathan Dale, Danny Lewis, Alec Broom, Michael Humphreys, Andy Norman, Will Blundell, Seb Jales, Warren Toth, Ben Keighley, Danny Manaton, Paul Moralee, Jordan Taylor, Zac Skinner, Alistair Taylor and James Parker.

Twyford then played a third/fourth play off and drew 0-0, then lost on penalties 3-2 to MKS Pogon. The first two matches that Twyford lost, the results were not helped by a strange ruling of plastic only studs when English players were plastic with a little bit of metal which were not allowed. This meant that a number of the children played in trainers on a wet slippery pitch.

Whilst in Austria the boys took the opportunity to see Sturm Graz play Austrian Wacker play in the Austrian league which resulted in a 2-1 win for Sturm at the Arnold Swarzenegger Stadium.

The club then passed through Slovenia on its way to the holiday part of its trip to the sunny town of Rabac in Croatia. Whilst there both teams played two friendlies!!

The Under 15/16s lost 3 – 0 to Labin and drew 1-1 with Rovingo, goal scorer was Ryan German. 

The Under 13/14s lost 1-0 to Labin and beat Rovingo 8-2 with goals from Zac Skinner (2), Jordan Taylor (2), Michael Humphreys (2), Ryan Atkins and Gary Cross. The Labin games were not played on a level playing field as they played over aged teams.

On the way home the boys visited the San Siro home of the two Milan Teams and stopped in the beautiful Italian city of Como and spent the last night before returning home in the city of Luxembourg.

The trip was a marvellous experience for the boys and one that will never be forgotten.